856: Home: One

by Zander Blakeslee
After Nicholas is Missing

-=Quarters of the Blakeslee Family, USS Serendipity=-

“Make sure that you pack the children’s allergy medication.” Samthia called from the bedroom. “The house had been closed up for several years and it will take a little bit of time to air out. You know how the dust bothers the boys.”

Zander nodded as he packed the bottle of pills. The children’s allergies were one of the side effects of growing up on a Starfleet vessel. The cleaned, processed, and recycled air did not allow for the body to build up immunities as it would on a planets surface. Pollen, dust, mold and other naturally occurring airborne irritants are filtered out on a starship.

This is not a big deal for most adults, as they are exposed to these things while they grew up on their home planets, but for the new generation of Starfleet children growing up on starships, the shock to their systems can be wicked. Not life threatening, but the constant coughing, sneezing, and endlessly runny noses could ruin anyone's trip.

Luckily the effects can be avoided with a simple pill. Taken once a day for three days, it softens the shock to the body’s immune system, and helps it quickly adapt to all of the new allergens in the “real” air.

“I already contacted the property management folks to open up the house. It should be pretty cleared out by the time we get there.” He turned and grabbed the boys’ toothbrushes and favorite bath toys, and added them to the bag.

“Plus, Mom will already be there and you know who meticulous she is. I would expect the floors to be mopped and waxed and the chimney flume swept as well,” he added.

Samthia walked up behind her husband and wrapped her arms around his waist. “I am happy that the doctor is forcing you to take this time to heal. But why are we in such a hurry to leave the ship?”

One of the endearing qualities that had attracted Zander to Samthia was her ability to be blunt and to the point with out sounding crass.

Zander smiled as he accepted her embrace. “Well the ship has to depart on a mission and if we don’t leave now, we won’t be leaving.” Was all he could explain to his wife.

Just then the boys ran out of their room and joined the hug while yelling. “When can we leave? When when when?”

Zander glanced back at his wife, who simply smiled in response. “How about now? Are you ready to go? All packed?”

Both of the boys proceeded to bounce off of the walls in excitement about seeing their grandmother and the “Laska Home” as they had grown to call it.

Suddenly Thomas stopped his celebration and turned to his father. “Will we need the heavy coat?” He asked. His brows furrowed together. He was much like his mother when it came to enduring the elements; the hotter the better. The possibility of going to Alaska in the winter had not crossed his young mind, until now.

Zander laughed. “No Tommy. It is summer there. We won’t need the winter jackets.”

A smile instantly return to the boys face and he returned to helping his brother “pack” by tossing random articles of clothing from their dresser into a suitcase. Zander shook his head and sighed.

*This is supposed to be taking it easy?*

-=A Short Time later=-

The light from the transporter beam dimmed and their eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight, as the family took in the sight of the Blakeslee family homestead. The two-story log cabin was back dropped by tall evergreens and a breathtaking view of the tall Alaskan mountains in the distance, their tops shrouded by clouds.

Zander smiled at Samthia as the boys took off at a dead run towards the large cabin knowing full well that grandma would be waiting inside with a variety of sweets for them to consume at their leisure.

Zander turned to look down at the glassy waters of Kenai Lake. Its waters were so calm that it reflected the bright blue sky and sparse clouds in a perfect mirror-like fashion. He took in a deep breath and held it savoring the crisp freshness before slowly exhaling with a racking cough.

Samthia moved to his side but Zander waved her off. “I’m fine. I just took in to much.”

Worry stretched over his wife’s face as she hugged her husband tightly. Zander held her tight as they both turned their attention out over the water.

“I think the doctor is right. This is what I needed.”

Samthia nodded her agreement even though she was not convinced that Zander’s mental healing was progressing as far as his physical healing.

Samthia gently reached up and turn Zander’s face towards her own.

“Are you alright my One?” She asked softly.

Zander opened his mouth to respond with a canned response that he was just fine but he knew that was not true. He also knew that she knew that. She could easily read his soul as easily as a newspaper.

He stared into his wife’s eyes and could see her concern etched onto her delicate facial features. He could not insult her with a lie.

“No,” He answered at length. “No Sam I don’t think that I am alright.”

Samthia waited to see if her husband wanted to talk about what was troubling him. Seeing that he was not willing to offer anymore of an explanation she simple hugged him tight and held him close for what seemed like forever.

“We should go inside. I am sure that your mother is anxious to see you.” Samthia prodded, as she moved away from him and gently pulled him towards the house by his hand.

They made their way up the stone path and onto the front porch of the two hundred year old log cabin. The large windows were cranked open to allow the fresh summer air into the cabin and the front door was opened wide. Zander and Samthia stepped through the doorway and Zander closed the heavy wooden door behind them.

The cabin was designed with an open layout. The bedrooms and bathrooms resided on the second floor that was designed with a balcony that over looked the first floor. The living room, dining room, kitchen, study, and game room were on the first floor. A centralized round fireplace sat in the middle of the cabin, its stone chimney dividing the house in half.

Zander signed as he noticed that the sheets were still covering the furniture just as he and Samthia had left it the last time they were here, almost a year ago. Zander grabbed one of the sheets and pulled it off of the recliner stirring up a fine cloud of dust.

He silently cursed himself for not being here more. Between Starfleet and his responsibilities to his adopted home on Delta IV, he had no time to properly take care of the Blakeslee homestead. For that reason, they had hired a property management company.

“I thought Jason was going to open up the house for us.” Samthia commented as she helped pull off the sheet covering the couch.

Zander shrugged. “Maybe he did not get my message.”

“Told him that we could handle it ourselves.” Came a voice from the kitchen door. Zander turned and smiled at his mother.

She walked over, her arms outstretched to hug her son tight. “After all I did live her for twenty four years. I think I know how to clean this house.” She embraced her son tightly. “I am so happy that you are okay.”

“I’m fine mom.” He kissed her on the cheek. “Where are the boys?”

Helva Blakeslee nodded towards the kitchen. “Eating cookies,” she smiled. “They are getting huge!”

“Yea,” Zander nodded in agreement. “And if you keep feeding them cookies they’ll be getting round too.”

She turned to Samthia and embraced her tightly, almost crushing the small woman. “Sam my dear, how are you?”

Samthia smiled warmly and returned the embrace. “I am well mother. It is good to see you again. It has been to long.”

“Yes it has my dear.” She turned back to her son.

“Okay. Who’s hungry?”

Commander Zander Blakeslee
Chief Security Officer
USS Serendipity