613: All Dressed Up

by Zanh and Blane
Just before the wedding begins...
Soundtrack: Right Back Where I Started From
by The Alarm


-=O'Sullivan Residence, Ireland=-

Zanh Liis stood perfectly still, staring at herself in disbelief.

She couldn't believe that she was where she was.

Gazing into the free standing, full length mirror in her brand new master bedroom, she surveyed her reflection. First from the front and then she spun, turned and looked over her shoulder at the view from behind.

*I suppose this is as good as it gets,* She thought, as she fastened on her grandmother's earring and began to smooth her hair down with the large, silver handled brush that Keiran had inscribed for her and left on the table beside their bed.

The note he'd left beside the brush indicated that he took great pride in the initials it bore; L.O. Even though she'd be keeping her Bajoran last name before her given name for the sake of her rank and title, he would personally enjoy taking every opportunity to call her Mrs. O'Sullivan, and Liis would enjoy it every time she heard him say it.

She was certain that to family, friends and neighbors, anytime she was here, back at home on Earth she would instantly think to introduce herself to them as Liis O'Sullivan.

*Mrs. Keiran O'Sullivan.* She thought. *How far we've come to get back to the start, my darling...*
She shook her head. She thought back to the time they'd been married before, in the previous timeline and was amazed by how different it all was now.

She was different in ways, as was he. Those around them were most certainly different. But all those differences seemed to be positive things.

This time, everything truly felt right.

She realized as she regarded her image in the glass once again that, given the design of the dress she'd chosen, she was going to have to be very freaking careful how she moved. Stood, walked, and sat down.

"God only knows," she whispered, mimicking Keiran's voice softly to herself, "how on Earth I'm ever goin' to get inta' my shoes."

The shoes in question were high heeled, strappy things and there was no way she could manage to wind those straps around her ankle in this get-up, let alone bend over to fasten the straps without risking a major wardrobe malfunction.

As she contemplated her dilemma, she began wondering where Keiran's three sisters, who had been buzzing around her all day up until now, had disappeared to. She wondered as well about Reece, who promised his expertise as a former fashionista to help her with the last of her accoutrements.

"Anytime, Reece," she sighed...tapping her stocking'd foot against the beautifully finished wood floor.

She looked all around her again, at the view of their land, so beautiful from every one of the windows in this dormer bedroom. She didn't know how she'd begin to thank Keiran's brothers for the work they'd put into the house- into making his dream a reality , so it could become their home.

She spun in a circle gleefully and allowed herself a rare squeal of happiness, watching the skirt of her 'iced champagne' gown swirl at her ankles, when she heard a soft knock at the door.

"Keiran Riley O'Sullivan, that best not be you..." She called, though she was hoping that it just might be. As superstitious as his family was though she held out next to no hope she'd catch a glimpse of him, or vice versa, before the wedding began.

She'd heard a rumor that he was actually going to wear a tux this time...and was having a hard time believing it.

Another knock sounded and Liis realized it must not be the groom. "Who is it?"


"Come in, please."

She hurried to gather her hair into a simple ponytail at the nape of her neck and secured it with the gleaming, crystal trimmed hairclip that Keiran's sister Eilish had given her as an early wedding gift.

TC whistled at the sight of the Captain in her dress. “Are you wearing heels? I never thought I’d see the day.” He then smiled warmly.

"Might be time to check and see if Hell froze over while we weren't looking. 'Cause I didn't think I'd ever see the day when I had a reason to wear them."

‘You look stunning, absolutely stunning.” He folded his arms across his chest.

Liis shuffled her feet, shrugging. "Thanks. Speaking of stunning..." She surveyed him, all dressed up in formal finery. "Don't you look like a million bars of latinum in that tuxedo, Thomas." Liis reached out, dusting a few bits of imaginary lint off of his impeccably lint-less shoulders.

"Yeah, maybe. But I was still holding out hope I'd get to wear the blue organza dress."

Liis laughed, and laughed, until tears filled her eyes and she looked at him in utter amazement. "Is this really happening?" Her tears suddenly turned from those of joy to those of fear. "Tell me I'm not going to wake up from this. Not this time. I..." she turned away from him and walked to the window. "I couldn't survive it, Thomas."

“There is still time to flee. I have my combadge in my pocket.” He offered as a tension breaker.

Again, he managed to make her laugh at a moment when she was taking herself entirely too seriously.

He walked over, grabbed her hand and smiled. She waited for him to give her some deep, blunt, and though provoking words of wisdom.

Instead he pinched her.

Ow!” She yipped and yanked her hand away. "Son of a bitch!" She was using the phrase as an expression of shock and dismay, not as an insult directed toward him; which made it absolutely hilarious.

She may be all dressed up and painted like a porcelain doll, but beneath that gown still beat the heart of the woman who could swear like a sailor if given the right provocation.

“Nope you’re not dreaming.” He explained. “Now, get your butt in gear and get married for crying out loud. I don’t think I can take much more of your belly aching, from either of you.”

"Aye aye, Sir." She saluted him flippantly. "Yeah, thanks for that poignant reality check, Commander. I appreciate that you went with the traditional pinch instead of the slap across the face to bring me to my senses. I'd hate to have to redo my make up. Again." She took a look out the far window and saw that people were starting to gather in the garden. "Let's get this show on the road. I wish the sun would sink, already."

"I can't believe that as anxious as you two were to get this done that you scheduled the ceremony for evening on purpose!"

"Twilight. Has to be twilight. Long story. But if you know me at all, Thomas, you know I always have reasons for the things I do. I never do nothing for no reason."

"...and she has officially ceased speaking Standard, Ladies and Gentlemen!" TC laughed. "Apparently the Universal Translator doesn't speak Bride. We'd better get you to that altar before you are incapable of saying your vows."

"Vows!" Liis' eyes widened. "God, I hope they don't pull any surprise 'Does the bride have anything to say to the groom from her heart' sort of things? Because honestly, I don't think I have it in me. Keiran planned the ceremony so I don't know. But I'd be very happy with 'Liis, do you?'" She altered her voice to sound official, then changed back to answer as herself. "Hell yeah, I do!" and then, 'Keiran, do you?' and he can say something like, "Good God, man, would I be standin' here if I didn't?' and then we kiss and it's over. Official. A matter of public record."

She gave up on the idea that Reece or anyone else was going to come in and rescue her from the nemesis that was her shoes.

"Oh to hell with it."

She manuevered the toes of her left foot in between the straps, concentrating so hard that the tip of her tongue poked out from between her lips at the corner of her mouth.

TC stood by, bringing his hand to his face, pausing to stroke his chin to stifle his laughter. He was a trained professional in Special Ops; he was perfectly capable of helping his Captain strap on a pair of high heeled shoes but far too amused by the sight of her struggle to intervene unless she asked for help, specifically.

She looked up at him and frowned. "You're enjoying this aren't you?"

"Not at all, Captain. Not at all."

She decided she wouldn't give him the satisfaction or further entertainment of watching her fall flat on her ass in a flailing heap of Shantung silk. She kept trying to get her right shoe on, careful not to slip on the bare floor in her stockings.

"Honestly, though, considering the costume you pulled off for Halloween last year, I can't believe that a pair of shoes is such a challenge."

"The Wonder Woman gig did not come with a sweep train and an Empire waistline that precluded the possibility of breathing." She grumbled, as she continued trying to work her toes into the second shoe.

"Ta-da!" She grinned, having finally succeeded in putting it on.

"Great!" TC clapped his hands in approval. He widened his eyes purposely, wiggling his eyebrows. "Now, the straps."

She lifted her gown from the floor and stared at them, having momentarily forgotten the clasps in her moment of triumph. "Bloody hell."

Blane could keep from laughing no longer.

"A little help here?" She surrendered at last.

"All right, hang on, Special Operations is on the case." He pretended to roll up his sleeves and wipe imaginary beads of sweat from hsi brow, as one might when they were setting about diffusing an explosive device with a very short amount of time left on the detonator. Just as he was about to give up his fun and render assistance he was saved; there was a low knock at the door.

"Liis! 'Tis Mary Clare. Is about time to start, la? You ready?"

"Just a second, Mary, don't go away. I need your help before I kill myself in this dress. Hold on."

"The cavalry has arrived. I'll take that as my cue to exit."

"Good on ya, Special Operations. You see your chance to retreat, and you're a wise man to take it."

He stood before her, shoulders back, ice blue eyes gleaming.

"Try, while you're doing this, to enjoy it please? You and Keiran both carry a lot of memories you'd rather not have. Today is a day for making some you want to keep."

Liis held out her hand, and Blane shook it. She pulled him into a quick hug, and then heard her soon-to-be sister in law reminding her again of the time.

"All right, one minute more, I have to send my Maid of Honor on his way!" Liis widened her eyes and shook her head. "Damn. They say Bajoran women are intense. I tell you, the people of Bajor have never seen the likes of the tiny, powerful O'Sullivan sisters. If they ever decide they want to rule the quadrant, we're in deep."

"Scary thought." He grinned, grasping the doorknob and winking at her. "See you up front."

"Right behind you. Wait. I'm forgetting something." Liis thought, as she tried her best to remember. She looked at her reflection in the mirror again, and as she did it was TC who finally came up with the answer.

"I believe you're still wearing the Groom's ring on that chain around your neck, Captain." He pointed out.

"Oh, I," Liis stammered, as she reached up and unfastened the chain. "I've become so used to wearing it," She slipped the ring from the chain, and, then carefully laid the chain out on the dressing table so it would stay safe. "Keep it safe for me, just a little while longer?"

He nodded as he took the ring. “Consider it secure.”


-=/\=- Zanh Liis
Commanding Officer
USS Serendipity NCC-2012


Commander TC Blane
Second Officer
USS Serendipity NCC-2012