466: Affirmation

by Salvek
After Renewal


As she had promised, it was Salvek's choice to do whatever he wished after their meal was complete. He opted for the solitude of a walk along the nearby beach. The quiet time they just spent together alone meant so much to him.

He took Kellyn by the hand, as they kicked off their footwear and let their feet sink into the warm sand. They made their way as far towards the water as they could without actually getting their feet wet. Kellyn squinted as she looked out at the ocean, and her hair waved in the breeze coming off the water.

Salvek turned to her, and lifted her chin. He closed his eyes and kissed her deeply. His fingers brushed against the earring dangling from her lobe and he felt his heart skip a beat.

As he released their kiss, Kellyn rolled back on her heels. “What was that for?” She asked coyly, as if she didn’t know.

Salvek gestured down to the sand.

“Are you sure? We’ll get sand all over our clothes?” Kellyn asked, knowing how he hated a dirty outfit.

Salvek let his emotions for her shine through, grinning a bit and pulling her down to the ground with him. Her laughter was like flowing beautiful music to him, as she flopped down on the ground beside him, laying half on his chest.

His head bouncing off the ground brought him back to when he met the fair Lair Kellyn. His first reaction to her lovely face and the wrinkles on her nose had been to slam his head in the panel he had been working on. She still had that effect on him even now.

They had worked so closely together in every way. Partners in work, parenting, and life. Eleven years had gone so fast, and she had been there at every turn.

“I have to thank you, Kellyn.”

“It was nothing, the Betazoids did most of the setting up.”

“No, I mean for our lives, for all these years. It is not the easiest task to marry a Vulcan, especially for someone from a race as passionate as yours, but your love has transformed me in a way. A way I could not imagine living without now.”

“Talk about transformation. There was a time when I was angry and disillusioned about everything, Salvek. Your love has tempered me and brought me peace and a sense of belonging.”

Salvek held her close as they lay in silence. She rested her head on his strong shoulder, just as she had for the last eleven years of marriage.

“Kellyn?” He asked, breaking the silence.


“Walk back to the Inn with me?”

“Of course.” She said.

He took her hand once again, walking proudly amongst the people of Betazed with Kellyn at his side. He made no effort to disguise his feelings for her from those around him, and the warmth emanating from them both elicited smiles from those around them.

As they entered the Inn, night began to fall.

-=The Next Day=-

Kellyn awoke, to the feeling of Salvek’s finger twisting around her hair.

“Vol’s wedding! Are we late?” She asked, realizing she had lost all track of time.

“We have an hour.” He said.

Kellyn stood up, already very much appropriately dressed for a Betazoid wedding.

“Are you sure you want to dress for this? We left Arie out of the wedding for a reason.”

“I am sure. But of course you can do as you wish.” Salvek said.

“All right.” Kellyn said. She pulled on a one-piece dress she had picked out in case Salvek could not be convinced. Salvek dressed in a traditional Vulcan meditation robe, figuring the Starfleet uniform was pushing it a bit.

They arrived at the Tryst residence, where disrobed gusts were already milling about.

Mr. Noon offered to take their clothing at the entrance, but Salvek refused.

“Are you sure? We are going to draw more attention dressed than we would if we went without.”

Salvek simply nodded, indicating that he was sure.

That was, until he entered the guest area and saw Zanh Liis.

The Captain was very much in the nude, though you would not know it from far away.

“Betazoid custom says nothing about hair extensions, Commander.” She said to Salvek. The long hair completely covered her from her head down to mid-thigh.

While her figure was still left to the imagination, she was, despite her previous claims she never would be, naked in the middle of a social gathering.

Salvek nodded in approval, and reached for the clasp of his robe.

“What are you doing?” Kellyn asked.

Before he could answer her, the robe fell to the floor, leaving Salvek completely undressed. “The Captain is leading by example, it is only proper that her First Officer follow suit. Besides, modesty, while appropriate in most settings, is not in this one. I believe my judgment in this has been in error.”

“Well, who am I to argue with a Vulcan that can admit an error in judgment.” Kellyn said, as the dress she wore hit the floor.

“Now that we have come this far, I certainly hope Mr. Tryst’s ceremony goes off without any further delay, or problem.” Salvek said.

Kellyn took him by the arm, as they took a seat beside the Captain. “So Zanh Liis changed your mind?” Kellyn asked.

Liis listened intently, curious what Salvek’s answer was going to be to that statement.

“The Captain’s choice led me believe it was acceptable for the Command crew to appear in this fashion, but it was your free spirit, Kellyn, that let me even consider the possibility in the first place.”

Salvek, proud husband of Lair Kellyn
Naked Wedding Guest
Tryst Residence