364: The Battle of Hastings

by Rada Dengar
A little while after What is Going on Down There?

-=USS Alchemy: In her bay on the Sera=-

“I think that should do it,” said Rada. He had finally managed to reassemble the Alchemy’s guidance system and was almost sure he’d done it correctly. Almost sure because a guidance system was like a jigsaw puzzle and it seemed that Kellyn had decided to make some modifications so that it no longer matched the picture on the box.

In fact as far as Rada could tell Kellyn had given the system a complete overhaul, this wasn’t a simple issue like if the picture had involved a man at the beach and Kellyn had drawn a pen moustache on him, it was more analogous to the man being repainted in full pastel colours as a small orange duck and the beach being changed to a detailed rendering of the Battle of Hastings complete with seven different varieties of grass, a verbatim replica of the Saxon shield wall and eight thousand Norman warriors…all of whom had pen moustaches.

February had by now completed her pre-flight check and it looked like once the guidance system was working they’d be ready to go. She directed her attention to a nearby console and happily started “The Guidance System is back on…” but it was not to be. She corrected herself as the system cut out once again “off line, sorry”

Rada had never been comfortable with people apologising whilst giving bad news which wasn’t their fault; in particular as the type of person who would do this is typically also the type of person who has nothing to apologise for. It was a habit he himself had been mistaken for having once upon a time but to fair in those cases he actually had thought that it was his fault.

Those same old thoughts rushed through his mind about how to deal with the scenario; he couldn’t say not to worry about it as that would involve admitting that there was something to apologise for which when there isn’t would seem like an accusation. He also couldn’t ignore it as that would imply that he felt it was perfectly justifiable for her be apologising once again suggesting he’d felt she’d done some wrong. His only other option was to specifically deny that she had any reason to apologise but since he wasn’t a telepath he didn’t know for sure that she didn’t and he felt it could be humiliating to force her into providing a detailed explanation of her misdeeds when they were really none of his business, there were no options.

Thankfully February spoke up before Rada’s self induced panic took control. Rada may have been flat on his back on the floor with a face full of guidance system but February knew from Kimare’s experiences that that didn’t necessarily mean that an Engineer was not up for a talk. Besides their jobs were about the pursuit of knowledge and she had something she wanted to ask Rada.

Lt. Rada Dengar
Chief Engineer
USS Serendipity NCC-2012